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    International Line

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    American Line

    American line is the specific routes which is independently developed by Yongshitong ,A delivery service from domestic exports to the United States, or the United States to the domestic import door to door .American express line has the advantages of strong timeliness, cheap cost and smooth customs clearance .


    Russia Line

    Russia freight line refers to the main Russian international logistics or Courier company who transport the goods from China to Russia's by land, air and other modes of transportation .


    Central European Line

    Central European Line provides the most economical and convenient delivery services for the delivery of parcels to Europe by the integration of resources. It is affordable and especial for transporting small items with high-value and light requirements of timeliness .Cooperating with the FBA and transporting goods from China shipped to the Amazon by air ,courier and other transportation mode ,providing goods to the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other Central European countries.

    The company shipments are carried by all express clearance and Europe express,which are both electronic declaration process.