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    About Us


    norvasc transeo.se

    Yongshitong Express is the part of Shenzhen Yongshitong Express Ltd. Business Unit. Company ,and it is adhering to the "sincere interest-free, Bohou distant" as the business philosophy to provide customers with professional international courier services and e-commerce logistics solutions. Over the years,with advanced management concepts and network advantages,as well as a large number of professional experience people in the express delivery and courier services ,we has established a good image in Shenzhen area of customers and the industry. And also with DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMS and other famous international express company has established a good working relationship.


    All staff provide customers with "save time and money, security" as the business purposes, and through the international express network to provide our clients with professional, safe and efficient international courier services, and we have a well trust for a wealth of experience. And also loved by customers ,because the "service innovation" for the concept, long-term commitment to provide customers with the best service and the best price."Safe, Professional, Fast" are our commitment to every customer.