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    Enterprise Culture

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    Enterprise Core

    It is highly concerned about efficiency, setting clear goals and rapid and effective implementation, and actively promote the team for “green service,blue efficiency and golden quality”tricolor target to reach the green service. Face of the customer with smile, focus on customers’ satisfaction and feedback,take the initiative to understand the real needs of customers,provide recommendations on the most economical for customers, work together to promote, take customers’ success as the central task and the work of self-achievement.


    Blue Efficiency

    With high standard requests themselves, have a strong desire to self-achievement;

    Dare to take job risks and responsibilities, admits mistakes and correct work;

    With a positive attitude to face the difficulties and challenges, embrace change, embrace passion and perseverance;

    Dare to enhance their level of work to go beyond the self, to achieve win-win goal with the customer.


    Gold Quality

    Contact customers with good faith

    True efficiency to win customers

    Serving customers with sweet smile