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    Open Platform ( API )

    YST Open Platform is an open platform based on the YST (Shenzhen Yongshitong Express Ltd ) sales business. Provide the our partners and customers products information, order information, shipping charge calculation , parcel tracking information and so on , users can easily integrated into our website or system, to realize the seamless connection of all the information。


    How to use

    First of all, you need to have a YST account
    Enter into the user center enable the API service, access to get the secret key ( Identifier )
    Ask your IT staff to make the connection according to the API data interface documentation.。


    API DOC 》》》


    API Functions :

    1.Acquire the information of destination countries [Test]
    2.According to the consignor information to get the available modes of transportation and cost [Test]
    3.Obtain the shipped orders' tracking numbers and the package detail information [Test]
    4.Create and update the shipping service and fulfillment orders[Test]
    5.Parcel Tracking check[Test]